Rock at your own risk, volumes may be hazardous to your health

You want more power? Here you go. the taf Centurion delivers a full 100 Watts of clean matched quad EL34 tube power via a class AB parallel push pull circuit.


This thing is LOUD.


Luckily, the Centurion features our independent drive stage for effective master volume bypass, so it's veritable mountain of tube power can in fact be kept down to volumes that won't leave you at risk of replacing window glass or pesky criminal prosecution.


This hand built amp features our beloved solid state reverb and black magic DC preamp filament power on a 100% hand soldered, point to point wired amplifier circuit. The result is as much clean headroom as your heart could desire. In fact, the Centurion eschews our FAT and clean modes, relying on its independent drive stage to generate a healthy amount of tube distortion without the frankly nasty results of killing the inverted feedback signal on a 100 Watt EL34 power stage. It can however, generate loads of snarling "Brit-gain" distortion with the Volume up and the Drive lowered, without posing too much of a hazard to your well-being. Coupled with a sensitive, responsive three-knob tone control, and selectable output impedances for 4 or 8 Ohm speakers, this amp is capable of commanding venues of nearly any size, including outdoor performances.


Additionally, thanks in part to our unique power supply circuit, the size and weight of the Centurion are likely significantly less than you might expect from a high-powered all tube head. Only slightly larger than our other models, it occupies a compact footprint of about 15 x 9 inches, and weighs under 27 lbs. I know what you're thinking, that's small, and you're right, it is. You can thank us after you blow minds by schlepping a 100 Watt tube head with one hand.


We did not, however, make any compromises on our philosophy. We offer this fine hand built amplifier at a price that is fair for the components and the man hours we put into it. We kept in mind that not all musicians are rock stars, and the people who could probably appreciate this kind of amplifier the most aren't necessarily the people who don't have to ask "how much?". So here we have a handmade, point-to-point wired, professional-grade, boutique 100 Watt amplifier for (just barely) under a grand.


You're welcome, we try.


MSRP: $999


Key Features


Like every Tube Amp Factory product, the Centurion is manufactured and assembled completely by hand, and with a 100% point to point amplifier circuit, the result is a very transparent, low noise, low hum output.



The Centurion features an additional drive stage in the preamp, allowing for dialing in just the right amount of preamp distortion without cranking the output volume. Coupled with a three knob tone control, this makes the Centurion capable of some of the most fine-grained and diverse tones of any of our amps.



As a bonus with the integrated digital reverb, the preamp tubes of the Centurion receive their filament power in the form of clean, steady DC current from our very special custom handmade power supply circuit. The result is the elimination of another potential source of noise and hum pickup at one of the most sensitive, high-amplification stages of the circuit. The result is that, without an instrument plugged in, this amp can be hooked up to a speaker, and have the volume knob cranked all the way to 10 without creating massive amounts of hum you could expect with other amps. It's a little thing, but it's pretty cool, trust us.



The Centurion benefits from one of the best solid state reverb modules available. Why solid state? Several reasons. First, we wanted to be able to integrate a great sounding reverb into all of our amps, including the heads, without making them big, heavy, and cumbersome. Second, reverb wasn't initially something we planned on including in any of our amps, because simple was the entire name of the game at first, and adding bells and whistles just wasn't in the plan. After receiving enough requests for reverb, though, we exhaustively tested many different options, spring tanks and digital modules alike. The solution we found and liked the most came in the form of a board developed for electric organs (the original application of reverb effects in general), and it just worked out the way we wanted it to. Thus, all of our reverb-equipped models utilize the same tough, resilient, compact, lightweight, great-sounding digital reverb.


Model   taf CENTURION
MSRP   $999.00
Amplifier Type   head
Output Power   100 watts
Output Impedance   4 or 8 Ohms (selectable)
Preamp   2 x 12AX7
Inverter/Driver   1 x 12AU7
Power Stage   4 x EL34
Front Panel    
    1 x input jack
    on/off switch

standby switch

    green LED power indicator


Rear Panel    
    120VAC power input
    3A GMA fuse
    1 x speaker ouput jack
    speaker impedence switch
Width x Depth x Height   15.5" x 9.5" x 8.5"
Weight   26.60 lbs.
buy your taf Centurion directly
999.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

100 Watt hand wired vacuum tube amplifier head

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