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Who we are:

1957: Dave Harris was a fifteen year old amateur radio operator, and a promising young mad scientist. Using the tube theory and engineering skills he honed building and operating ham radio, he built his first guitar amplifier to go with his father's Gibson Les Paul Special. Thus began lifelong love affairs with music and electronics. He developed several bespoke guitar amplifiers over the following few years before enlisting with the US Air Force and further developing his skills while serving his country.


It was a long time before he started playing with amplifiers again, but the DIY ethic that had him designing his own tube amps carries with him to this day, evidenced by a lifetime of innovation and risk-taking that leaves him with a portfolio of products and patents that unimpeachably prove that he really truly does know what he's doing.


2007: Fifty years, two successful startups, a loving marriage, five children, 11 grandchildren, and one tiny great grandson after building his first tube amp, Dave surveyed his mammoth collection of vintage and NOS vacuum tubes, and it became clear that it was time to once again show people how it's done.


The first amps were faithful reproductions of his original 1950's designs, using traditional processes bolstered by a few advancements in technology, and about 50 years of thinking about it. The result is a range of amplifiers that deliver pure, authentic, vintage tube sounds in compact, straightforward, affordable packages that professionals, passionate young enthusiasts, and starving artists alike can not only appreciate but attain.

How it's done:

All of our products are made by hand.


A Tube Amp Factory amp starts from a piece of sheet metal. From the chassis on to which the internal components are mounted, to the logo plate on the grill we lay hands on our amps. We do this for a few reasons. First, it's not always possible to find exactly what you need in a catalog or on a website, and rather than compromising on the designs, we make everything. Second, when a product is made in small numbers, it isn't even realistic to consider having it made for you, so if you need something exactly the way you want it, it can mean saving money and offering lower prices to get your hands dirty.


So here are some reasons our amps are special:




All of our amps have chassis layouts designed specifically for point to point wiring, getting everything just right for minimum connection distances and low-hum, low-noise, highly transparent output tones.




Because sometimes if you need something done just right, you have to do it yourself.


Hand bending the sheet metal for our amp chassis means that not only do our prices stay lower, all of our components fit exactly as intended every time.




Aside from a solid state reverb module (on equipped models), and a very special power supply circuit, every wire and connection in our amplifiers is strung and soldered by expert hands.




Our authentic vintage and NOS components are exhaustively tested and matched for the highest performance and the best sound. Transformers are expertly selected or in some cases custom manufactured in order to get exactly what we want.




Our custom hardwood cabinets are made from high quality cabinet-grade plywood, we which reclaim from excess generated by a local Amish cabinet maker. This means that we can control costs as well as keeping things green, and do so without making any sacrifices on material quality.

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