What it's supposed to sound like...

Once upon a time, people really did think that tube powered amplifiers were dead. In the late 1960's, the rise of powerful, lightweight, energy efficient solid state amps looked like the end for tubes. Solid state amplifiers are still both common and popular, even cheaper now, they can even offer frequency responses that exceed the capacity of human hearing. That said, they just aren't as good, they don't sound the same.


Without getting too spiritual, tube amps naturally generate aspects of the tone that guitarists have sought after since the beginning. A tube amplifier is not merely a means of making the instrument sound louder, it's not even fair to say that they serve as an extension of the instrument. To a musician, the amp is as much of an instrument as the guitar itself. Tube Amp Factory amps use the oldest tricks in the book to generate the tone and the character that kept inefficient, anachronistic, distortion-laden vacuum tube amplifiers relevant in the face of advancing technology.


Yeah, we know it's true, we're not the only game in town. The big companies are catching on. Artists still go after old amps, and they maintain an interest in hand-made, point-to-point wired tube amplifiers like the ones that defined the sound of modern music in the 1940's. We aren't the only ones applying these ethics, either. The sheer volume of boutique amps and pedals on offer in music stores and the internet can be overwhelming, and the prices range from intimidating to prohibitive.


Tube Amp Factory is a tiny company, and we build our amps 100% in house. This means that we leverage the skills and the knowledge we have to build our amps and sell them for a fair price, instead of subcontracting this component or that one, and letting the price creep up out of the grasp of hardworking musicians and young talent that can't necessarily afford something truly special, like a hand wired tube amplifier. We sell our products at a fair price, it's part of what we believe is the right way to do things, and doing things the right way is what matters to us.


Try one, we think you'll hear what we mean.

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